Yoga Therapy Training & Certification

Yoga Therapy Training Dates:

Summer 2014 Training

May 16-31 and July 11-26, 2014

Winter 2014-15 Training

Oct 24-Nov 8, 2014 and Jan9-24, 2015

Registration is now open!


Introduction to Ananda Seva Yoga Therapy

The Ananda Seva Yoga Therapy Training offers a unique opportunity for in-depth study under some of the leading experts in the field of Yoga Therapy. A highly regarded and comprehensive program, this training gives students exposure to a wide array of yogic tools and techniques for bringing health and wellness to others. The program also provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the yogic lifestyle, deepen in their meditation and yoga practices while in spiritual community. Our students often report that the training has not only provided them with a comprehensive knowledge base, but also a profound experience of personal transformation that is shared with their classmates.

This program is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training, with an emphasis in Yoga Therapy, for students who have completed an approved 200 hour yoga teacher training. A 300 hour Yoga Therapy Certificate is awarded to all students who have successfully completed the training.

In this training, students will learn diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for the treatment of a variety of common conditions. The causes of disease will be considered from both Western and Ayurvedic viewpoints. Each day we will practice asanas related to the topic covered.

Areas of Study

  • Yogic knowledge and psychology as they relate to Yoga Therapy
  • This will include study of the Kosas, Samskara, development of mind, Yama and Niyama, Sankya, samadhi, tanmantras and similiar topics

  • Ayurveda for the Yoga Therapist – diagnostic and applied
  • doshas, diet, fasting, shat karmas, use of teas, spices and simple herbs

  • Yogic Tools and the individualized prescription of asanas and yogic techniques
  • Physiology of common disease conditions
  • Anatomy and Structural Yoga – postural assessment, diagnosis and adjustment
  • Yoga Therapy for a variety of common conditions – cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart disease, stroke, obesity, pain management and more
  • Yoga Therapy methods for managing and healing a variety of psychological conditions – depression, anxiety, grief, Bi Polar disorder, spiritual emergence and more.
  • Yoga Nidra practices for relaxation and pain management
  • Yogic and Ayurvedic Diet for healing
  • Vedic Prayers and other Mantras for healing

  • Sample Yoga Therapy Training Daily Schedule

    6:30 am – Morning Meditation
    7:30 am – Asana Class
    9:00 am – Breakfast
    9:30 am – Morning Lecture/Class (daily topics will vary)
    1:00 pm – Lunch and Free Time
    2:30 pm – Afternoon Lecture/Class (daily topics will vary)
    5:30 pm – Evening Meditation
    6:30 pm – Dinner and Free Time

    Each day will include 15 minutes of assigned Karma Yoga for each student.

    Yoga Therapy Training Location

    The Yoga Therapy Training takes place in the Santa Rosa area, California in beautiful Sonoma County, just 60 miles north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Santa Rosa is easily reachable by flights into the Oakland, San Francisco and Sonoma County airports. Students can take the Airport Express bus from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK) which will take you to the Santa Rosa Park & Ride, 5 minutes away from downtown Santa Rosa.

    Contact Information

    To speak with someone about training or for more information please contact Shanti Devi, the Yoga Therapy Training Administrator, at (707) 722-7382 or

    *We are registered provider number 15162 with the Board of Registered Nursing. Eligible students may receive up to 156 hours of Continuing Education Credits.

    Read our Yoga Therapy Training blog to hear what our students are saying about us:

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    Ananda Seva Mission will award a Yoga Therapy Certificate to participants who successfully meet all requirements of the 300 hour training and the home study program. In addition, upon successful completion of the training, a 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (with Emphasis in Yoga Therapy) will be awarded to students who have previously completed a Yoga Alliance approved, 200 hour Yoga Teacher training. Participants are encouraged to take the entire program for certification. However, those who cannot take the program in its entirety may register for specific sessions.**

    Our 2013 Winter training will be our final 300 hour Yoga Therapy Certification training due to the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) is implementing standards for becoming a Yoga Therapist beginning in January 2014. These standards will require students to complete an 800 hour, 2 year program to receive a certification in Yoga Therapy.

    IAYT has implemented a "grandfathering" clause that allows students who enroll in a 300 hr, registered Yoga Therapy training, prior to Jan. 1, 2014, to be eligible to receive an IAYT Yoga Therapy Certification. If you choose to take the Winter training, and in the future you are interested in continuing your Yoga Therapy education, you can be eligible to apply the 300 hours earned from Ananda Seva's Winter training towards an 800 Yoga Therapy Training program.


    To Reserve your place by Phone:

    Call our Yoga Therapy Training Administrator, Shanti Devi, at 707-722-7382

    To Reserve your place by Mail:

    Print out the registration form, fill it out and mail it, along with a check, money order or your credit card information, in the amount of $700 to: Ananda Seva Mission, PO Box 2862, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.

    Deposit & Refund Policy

    A $700 deposit is required to hold your place in the Yoga Therapy Training. This deposit may be paid by check, credit card, money order, or cash. Deposits are refundable up to 60 days prior to the start of training, minus a $100 administrative fee. The remaining balance is due at the start of training. Once the training begins payments are non-refundable. Registration for individual seminars of the training are offered on a space available basis. Please see below for details.

    Scholarships and Work Trade

    For students with financial difficulties we offer a limited number of work-study positions. The student would be required to come one to two days early for both sessions of the training and help us with cleaning, set-up, etc and/or to stay one to two days after each training session for clean up and breakdown. In exchange the student will receive a credit of $12 per hour for the time worked. Please contact us for more details or to apply for a work-trade position.

    Program Tuition

    Winter Yoga therapy Tuition:

    • $3890 (incentive by Dec 31)
    • $3990 (early bird by March 1st)
    • $4290 (after March 1st)

    Tuition includes:

    • Two two-week sessions of training instruction.
    • 300 hour Yoga Therapy Certification.
    • 500 hour advanced Yoga Teacher Training certification with specialty in Yoga Therapy, for those who qualify.
    • Occasional e-mails of recommended articles.
    • Home study program between sessions.
    • Free listing on the Ananda Seva Mission website database of Yoga Therapists, by request.

    Meals & Accommodation Fees*

    Meal and accommodation fees are in addition to tuition and are as follows:

    Commuter (from nearby location-within 30 miles)* = $1500 (by Dec 31) | $1600 (after Dec 31)
    Tenting (in your own tent)* = $1810 (by Dec 31) | $1910 (after Dec 31)
    Shared room, as available (2-3 people)* = $2306 (by Dec 31) | $2506 (after Dec 31)
    Private room, as available* = $3236 (by Dec 31) | $3536 (after Dec 31)



    *Please note: as we are a residential center, onsite accommodations are limited and once full students will be housed with our local community members as available. Accommodation fees include 3 sattvic, vegetarian meals and 1 snack daily, WIFI and facility usage.

    **Prices for individual workshops are $195/day, including meals/facility use. Cost of overnight stay will vary depending on room available. Please contact us for more details.

    For more information contact Shanti Devi,
    Yoga Therapy Training Administrator, at 707-722-7382 or

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    2014 Summer Yoga Therapy Training Curriculum

    SESSION I: May 16-31, 2014


    May 16, 2014 Friday, 6pm -9pm: Welcome dinner and Orientation/Introduction to Yoga Therapy Training
    Ananda Deviika' Ma', M.Sc, E-RYT 500 and Maetreyii Nolan, PhD, E-RYT 500

    Registration: 4pm - 6pm
    Welcome Dinner: 6pm - 7pm
    Orientation: 7pm - 9pm An orientation to the Ananda Seva Yoga Therapy Training, including a brief overview of the course contents and schedule, and the logistics of the accommodations. This is also an opportunity for participants to get acquainted with one another. Manuals will be handed out during this time.

    May 17, Saturday: Introduction to Yoga Therapy & the History of Yoga
    Maetreyii Nolan, PhD, E-RYT 500
    An overview of the history of yogic practices used for healing; covering Vedic times to the present day, with a special emphasis on the development of yoga therapy as it is currently practiced.

    May 18, Sunday: Introduction to Yoga Therapy & the History of Yoga
    Maeytrii Nolan, PHD.,E-RYT 500, Ananda Deviika Ma, M.SC, E-RYT 500, Gayatri Ostadi, E-RYT 500
    An in-depth review of Sankya, and alternative philosophies, and their role in the field of Yoga Therapy. Including a concentrated overview of psychology and the human condition from the ancient Yogic perspective. We will review Yogic concepts related to understanding the mind, including kosas, lokas, kleshas, samskaras, gunas, Brahmachakra, samadhi, and enlightenment.

    May 18 - 21, Sunday-Tuesday: Ayurveda for Yoga Therapists
    Ananda Deviika Ma, M.SC, E-RYT 500
    We will be discussing basic Ayurvedic concepts of anatomy and physiology, including tridosha theory, agni, dhatus, ojas, etc., and the relationship of these concepts to illness and health. Students will receive a basic understanding of how to determine the Ayurvedic constitution and possible imbalances of a client. We will discuss Ayurveda/Hatha Yoga’s common toolbox: 1) diet and lifestyle 2) Yogic shat karma (kriya) practices 3) Yoga practices seen from an Ayurvedic perspective. In the experiential portion of the day we will investigate Hatha Yoga Pranayama and meditation practices specific to each dosha.

    May 22, Thursday: Anatomy Review
    Deborah Karish, Chiropractor, E-RYT 500
    An overview of human anatomy as it relates to Yoga Therapy will be presented in this workshop. Students should already have a basic understanding of the anatomy of muscles, bones, and muscular-skeletal configurations.

    May 23, Friday: Introduction to the Client Assessment Process
    Maeytrii Nolan, PHD.,E-RYT 500, Ananda Deviika Ma, M.SC, E-RYT 500, Gayatri Ostadi, E-RYT 500
    Students will learn how to conduct a client interview, make an assessment of the client's current issues/needs and begin to create a treatment plan. Case studies will be presented and explored in depth. Students will observe a mock client interview before conducting their own mock interview. These experiences will help the student learn how to skillfully assess clients.

    May 24, Saturday: Day Off for Rest and Exploration

    May 25-29, Sunday-Wednesday: Structural Yoga for the Yoga Therapist
    Shar Lee
    In this 4-day workshop we will study the body from a structural point of view with an emphasis on body mechanics. Students will learn how to assess imbalances in the body to understand individual limitations and how to apply needed adaptations of postures. We will also study patterns of body compensation & movement and how to use basic props and adjustments to help facilitate and restore wholeness.

    May 29-30, Thursday-Friday: Integrative Restoration Therapy
    Richard Miller, Ph.D.
    Integrative Restoration (iRest) is a modern adaptation of the ancient meditative process of yoga nidra. Students will be guided in the process of iRest using didactic lecture, interactive dialogue and experiential practice. You will learn iRest as an effective tool that you can integrate into both your professional and personal practice. iRest will provide both you and your students with a clear-cut process for transformation, a context for how transformation unfolds as well as a framework for accessing the healing presence of pure Awareness in the healing process. This presentation will challenge and inspire you to approach yourself, your students and yoga therapy as a portal for experiencing the healing and ever-present nature of unconditioned, non-dual awareness.

    May 31, Saturday: Pathophysiology
    Deborah Karish, Chiropractor
    This workshop covers basic pathophysiology and an overview of the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, lymph system and digestive system. This class is very straightforward and designed to gently illumine the Yoga Therapist.

    SESSION II: July 11-26, 2014


    July 11, Saturday: Yoga for Cardiac Conditions
    Ananda Deviika Ma, M.SC, E-RYT 500
    Heart disease and Stroke, the two most deadly conditions in North America, will be explored during this workshop. An overview of how both Ayurvedic and Western dietary strategies can be used to help prevent and manage disorders of the cardiac system. We will also explore Yoga Therapy research, asanas and other Yogic tools helpful for the treatment of these two diseases.

    July 13, Sunday: Applied Psychology: A Diagnostic Perspective
    Maeytrii Nolan, PhD, E-RYT 500
    We will look at common psychological conditions from a Western diagnostic perspective and treatment from a Yogic orientation. Conditions that may be reviewed will include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, spiritual emergence, panic attacks, trauma, and obsessive compulsive disorder.

    July 14-15, Monday-Tuesday: Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and Obesity
    Sarasvati Buhrman, PhD
    These two days will cover the ayurvedic perspective and treatment on these prevalent metabolic diseases. Metabolic syndrome is now recognized as the precursor to heart disease, diabetes, premature aging, and a host of inflammatory diseases. It is often linked to diet, stress, insomnia, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. We will investigate the social, biological, and lifestyle dimensions of the problem, and explore Yogic, Ayurvedic, and nutritional approaches to this widespread problem.

    July 16, Wednesday: Yoga for Asthma & Allergies/Sat Karma
    Sarasvati Buhrman, PhD.

    July 17-18, Thursday-Friday: Healing Dynamics of Breath
    Sarasvati Buhrman, PhD
    Early yogis noted that regulation of the breath could be used to calm the mind and stop the thoughts. The Hatha yogis also used breath and bandhas ayurvedically, to balance the doshas, heal disease, and enhance prana and ojas. Modern therapeutic use of the breath has focused on the effects of regulated breathing and how it affects the nervous system and the stress response. All of these approaches are relevant to the practice of Yoga therapy. Specific practices relating to each approach will be taught as time permits.

    July 19, Saturday: DAY OFF

    July 20-21, Sunday-Monday: Yoga Therapy for Cancer,
    Jnani Chapman, RN
    In this seminar participants will begin to assimilate the information needed to work with this special group of people. Topics will include an overview of cancer and conventional cancer treatments, their common side effects, and its psycho-social dimensions, as well as Yoga therapies and asanas to treat and help ease symptoms of the disease and its treatment.

    July 22-23, Tuesday-Wednesday: Yoga Therapy for Grief
    Antonio Sausys, BA Psychology, MA Body-Oriented Psychotherapy
    Grief is the body's response to loss. When facing a serious illness or life situation we may not only lose the dream of our health but may also experience the loss of freedom created by new restrictions. In this course you will learn to identify the physical, psychological and neuro-immunological symptoms of grief and gain insight on how to address those symptoms with a set of yogic tools. Helping people work through grief aids them in the psychological transformation of personal growth.

    July 25-26, Friday-Saturday: Testing


    We offer an optional internship program to guide students extensively, one-on-one and in a group setting, through their first actual clients. The internship includes guidance in assessments, recommended treatment options, and follow-up sessions with your clients. The internship is designed to help increase your confidence and proficiency as a practicing Yoga Therapist. There are different levels of internship: 60 hours, 100 hours and 150 hours. More information will be given at the training or you can call us for more information in advance.


    The Yoga Therapy Training takes place in the Santa Rosa area, California in beautiful Sonoma County, just 60 miles north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Santa Rosa is easily reachable by flights into the Oakland, San Francisco and Sonoma County airports. Students can take the Airport Express bus from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK) which will take you to the Santa Rosa Park & Ride, 5 minutes away from downtown Santa Rosa.

    We would love to answer your questions. Please contact Shanti Devi, Yoga Therapy Training Administrator, at 707-772-7382 or!

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    Home-Study Internship Program

    The Ananda Seva Yoga Therapy program is held in two 14-day sessions, and includes a Home-Study module between the first and second sessions. Hours earned during this module will give students the necessary non-contact hours in order to obtain a 300-hour Yoga Alliance certification. This homesutdy module is a very important part of our program, as it allows students to integrate and utilize what they are learning. It is designed to give students hands-on experience with interviewing clients, completing assessments and prescribing yogic tools. Internship assignments will include the following:

    • Case assessments of at least 3 clients in which someone is interviewed, their situation assessed and yogic tools prescribed. This includes follow-up sessions, as needed, to check in with clients and adjust practices as per individual needs and progress.
    • A short write up for each client about your assessment experience, incorporating your feelings and the learning process.
    • Self-assessment for yourself, including prescription of techniques and tracking your efforts to follow them. It is highly recommended that during this interim period you continue regular daily meditation and a personal asana practice as well as any other practices you assess as beneficial. This includes a write-up of your personal assessment and your experience with following your own guidelines.
    • A research paper on a yoga therapy topic of your choice, such as yoga for cancer, obesity, etc. Research papers will include description and assessment of the topic chosen, as well as therapeutic application of related yogic techniques.
    • Any remaining hours can be logged in for yoga therapy related research, observing or teaching. This can consist of projects such as researching herbs, visiting a yoga class for special needs (cancer, obesity, etc.) and/or teaching a class for special needs. Any of these additional hours are to include write-ups of what you have done and what you have learned.

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    Ananda Seva Yoga Therapy Training Faculty

    The Ananda Seva Yoga Therapy Training offers a unique opportunity to study with a variety of leading professionals in the field of Yoga Therapy Training. We have hand-selected our faculty for expertise in their respective specialities and their ability to impart this knowledge through their teaching.

    Maetreyii Nolan, PhD, E-RYT 500
    Maetreyii Nolan Maetreyii has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years and is the Co-founder and President of Ananda Seva Mission as well as the Co-director of this program. He has a doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. He is also a former director of the Spiritual Emergence Network and a founding board member of the Kundalini Research Network. He has done extensive teaching on Yogic philosophy and practices, drawing on a strong intuitive connection to his Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, through which he receives teaching and shares them with others.


    Avadhutiika Ananda Deviika Ma Acharya, MSc, E-RYT 500
    Avadhutiika Ananda Deviika Ma Acharya Ananda Deviika’ Ma graduated from the University in Belgrade, in Yugoslavia, with a degree in Theoretical Physics, which inspired him to further his research in the domain of spirituality. He received his spiritual initiation in 1977 and decided to dedicate his life to serving others as an Acharya, a spiritual teacher. He became a Sannyasini, or yogic nun, in the Northern Indian Tantric tradition under the guidance of his Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. He spent three years training in India and then came to the United States and Canada where he has taught many people the practices of Sahaj yoga. He is a Co-founder and Training Coordinator of Ananda Seva Mission, a trainer of family Acharyas, and a Co-director of this program.


    Kelly Boys
    Kelly Boys is a certified hatha yoga and certified iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher and is currently the Director of Operations for the Integrative Restoration Institute. She has taught iRest Yoga Nidra to US veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), as well as to women in prisons, cancer survivors, and those with substance abuse addictions. She also participated in a yoga therapy program for active-duty soldiers with PTSD at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, DC. She began studying with Richard Miller, the founder of iRest, in 2007. She is currently teaching iRest at San Quentin State Prison with incarcerated veterans, in partnership with James Fox of the Prison Yoga Project.


    Jnani Chapman, RN
    Jnani Chapman Jnani received his Bachelors of Science degree in nursing at the University of San Francisco and has for fourteen years served as senior staff member of Commonweal Cancer Help Program (which was featured in Bill Moyers' PBS special on health and healing.) Jnani also teaches yoga to men with breast cancer through the Breast Cancer Personal and Lifestyle Support Program of the University of California, San Francisco, and the California Pacific Medical Center. He is the former executive director of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


    Sarasvati Buhrman, PhD, RYT 500
    Sarasvati Buhrman Sarasvati has maintained a private practice of Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga Therapy since 1987, and is senior teacher and co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda. He did graduate work in genetics and received his doctorate in medical and psychological anthropology from the University of Colorado. He is also a certified biofeedback therapist and Cardiac Yoga instructor. A Yogic renunciate in the Vairagi order of north India, Sarasvati has practiced and taught asanas, pranayama, and meditation, and Ayurveda under the direction of his guru, Baba Hari Das, since 1976. He was trained in Ayurvedic medicine and asked to practice and teach by prominent Ayurvedic Physician, Dr. R.P. Trivedi. He has published several papers in the fields of Yoga, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Yoga Therapy.


    Shar Lee, RYT 500
    Shar Lee Shar Lee has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 30 years, in the USA and internationally in India, Scotland, Nepal, and Brazil. He was one of the first students to train and become certified in Structural Yoga Therapy, under the direction of Mukunda Stiles, and later became a Structural Yoga Teacher Trainer. He specializes in Anatomical, Therapeutic, and Ayurvedic Aspects of Yoga Asana and Yoga for Men, and is co-author of Doubles Yoga. A devotee of Ammachi, Shar has studied for many years in Nepal and is a certified Tibetan Cranial-Sacral Practitioner, a massage therapist, and a practitioner of Ayurvedic Marma Point Therapy.


    Antonio Sausys, MA, RYT
    Antonio Sausys Antonio Sausys is a somatic health practitioner and yoga instructor specializing in one-on-one yoga therapy for people with chronic and acute medical conditions as well as emotional imbalance. She studied with Yoga masters and teachers such as Indra Devi, Swami Shankaradevananda, Swami Ekananda, Babashi Singh, Ram Dass, Swami Mairtreyananda and Larry Payne. She has continued her professional development with training in Foot Reflexology, Swedish Therapeutic Massage, the Degriefing Process and Reiki. Antonio teaches and lectures at U.C. Berkeley, California Institute of Integral Studies, Alive and Well, Institute of Conscious Body Work, College of Marin, has been a faculty member at the International Yoga College and the former Honorary Secretary of the International Yoga Federation for USA. Antonio resides in Marin County with a thriving yoga practice throughout the Bay Area.


    Deborah Karish, ERYT, DC, MR
    Deborah has been practicing chiropractic since 1975 and teaching yoga since 1985. During these years, the two practices have evolved together and informed and enriched each other. His teaching is motivated by a strong desire to share experiences with other students and teachers and to continue to learn about the human body and mind. He finds the principles of yoga extremely therapeutic and healing to people of all ages. He continues to practice chiropractic in Healdsburg and to direct the Healdsburg Yoga Studio. He has taught anatomy to chiropractic students, naturopathic students and yoga teachers. His purpose in teaching is to create classes that are intelligent, enjoyable and accessible to everyone.


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    Ananda Seva Yoga Therapy Graduate Testimonials

    Read our Yoga Therapy Training blog
    to hear what our students are saying about us:

    Ken Breniman, LCSW, Registered Yoga Therapist from Oakland, CA
    Ken Testimonial Photo
    When looking to further my yoga studies I was so blessed to have discovered Ananda Seva Mission's 500-Hour Yoga Therapy Teacher Training program. It was exactly what I needed to help me integrate my backgrounds in Clinical Social Work and Yoga Teaching. Since graduating, I have developed various workshops, including a Grief Workshop that utilizes the healing tools of yoga, and started seeing clients that use both talk therapy and yoga practices to cope with various life stressors. I feel so much more confident in my private practice because the training at Ananda Seva Mission really prepared me. I benefited greatly from living at the Mission while studying and my personal yoga practice has deepened as well. I highly recommend this training program especially for mental health professionals that want to incorporate yoga as a healing modality.

    Check out Ken's web site at:

    Kalpana Reddy, Registered Yoga Therapist, Founder: Wholistic Care at Alice Hyde Medical Center from New York, NY
    Kalpana Reddy

    I am deeply grateful for my training that allows me to be RYT500 and enables me to move forward in a deeper way on my Yoga path with excellent tools like IREST. My understanding of Personalities and treating the whole person is heightened from the Ayurvedic understanding I gained at Ananda Seva. I was and am grateful to both Maetreyi Ma and Deviika Ma for the way I have been valued and respected during the training...that was and is a great gift. I was treated not only as a student but as consciousness, true yogic treatment. I thank them with all my heart.
    Just like I have been able to promote Wholistic Care with past trainings, my hope is promoting Yoga Therapy care with this new training.